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Becoming a video marketing pioneer

Teddy Falsen Hiis 
14. aug. 2017

Video is taking over the web and it's with the bridging of video technology and good content, that magic happens. Let's take a look at four elements relevant when boosting your marketing through the use of smart online video content.

From a technical marketing perspective, I want to stress the importance of identifying ROIs that stretch beyond the basic ‘number of plays’ and ‘views’. We have moved beyond this as available video technologies (like Wistia, TwentyThree, and even YouTube) provide us the tools needed to use video as a successful tool for online marketing. The truth is through, that too few companies take advantage of these technologies as an integrated part of their marketing machine —and there is still great opportunity in becoming a video marketing pioneer in your business area, if adapting to the wonderful world of video.

1.   Integrate video with the rest of your marketing machine

Did you know, that online video account for 74% of all online traffic? (KPCB) Your company videos, and analytics collected from them, should probably be of main concern regarding content on website, but you cannot show to ROIs of elements you do not track. Therefore, you need to make sure to integrate video to your CRM, collect leads directly in the player and through this, track the hard effects of your next email campaign.

Use video for inbound marketing to for lead generation

2.   Don’t forget, the player is simply HTML

Ever since delivery of video content on a website moved from Flash to HTML5 we have been able to treat video as ‘anything else’ on our website - so, why don’t we? A video player no longer needs to be predefined in its 16:9 aspect ratio - it can be round, as triangles or how about taking the full width of the site? Whatever serves the purpose of your message. This also means that the player can be optimised for SEO, that it is on brand, is responsive and works on any device.

3.   Sell more with call-to-actions

A basic example, but yet a powerful one, is how Nationaltheatret use their video player as a simple call-to-action element in selling theatre tickets. By adding a simple ‘Click-to-buy’-button in the video player, they extend values which lies within the content produced. Visitors of the theatre can browse trailers and behind-the-scenes material, and later book their ticket right in the player.

Nationaltheatret bruker video i markedsføring
Kjøp i videospiller hos Nationaltheatret

4.   Live streaming is for everyone 

Live streaming, of high quality, fast and even on your company website do not require large budgets for “old-school” broadcasting. Many video technologies offer live video solutions in a simple package, even down to the simplicity of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Live video can create an extended experience of an already existing physical event, and is actually a great opportunity to create long-lasting content, for future use on the company website or intranet.

Lastly, and frankly quite obviously, technology is not enough — we need content. On that note, remember that most of us actually carry around a full-worthy studio in our pockets. A smartphone, hooked up with an external microphone, can most likely do the trick when getting started using video in your marketing activities.

Video marketing tools are available, and they are easy to use. This means that the barrier of getting real with online video lies within us, as marketers. The challenge is therefore; just do it.