Highlights from a Week at the Nielsen Norman Group Conference

Claudelle Girard,  Erle Krøger 
26. juni 2019

TLDR; Go to this conference!

Last week, Erle and Claudelle had the opportunity to go to the Nielsen Norman Group conference for 6 days of rich learning experiences. For anyone who haven't heard of them, NN/g are world leaders in research-based user experience. Their conferences are built around full-day courses (and in one instance a three-day course). NN/g offer certifications, which we did, meaning we also completed exams for every day of the conference.

Here is a short summary of a few of the courses we attended:

UX Deliverables

The UX deliverables course was all about how we can make effective deliverables which help us set expectations and communicate our UX work. From personas to wireframes, to front-end style guides.


Interaction Design 3-day course

UX pioneer Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini talked about the principles, process and practical application of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The course was dense with information, and also lightened with Bruce's humor, practical real-world examples and workshops which led us through the process of researching and prototyping.

“ We don’t usability test to see if we did a good job, we test to help us do a good job “


Mobile User Experience

In this course we looked at the strengths and limitations of the mobile web, had an overview of interactions on mobile, including workflows and input methods, discussed different content types, and other interactions like on boarding, permissions and microsessions.

Takeaway: The optimal solutions for mobile are often those without photos and icons. Even used sparingly, visual elements can distract from the message being communicated.

“ 53% mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load…. Average load time on mobile: 19 seconds”


Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs

We had several workshops throughout the day which led us through the journey mapping experience, enabling customer-centric focus. Beyond workshopping, we learned all about the basics, approaches, prerequisites, how to map the experience and visualise the narrative. The conference holder, Kim Flaherty, was very good at breaking down this pretty hefty task into manageable parts which now feel possible to tackle!

Journey mapping workshop
Workshop in Journey Mapping course


Lastly, we highly recommend this conference. The courses are given by some of the best UX researchers; they are well structured and engrossing. The conference itself was very well set up and made it easy for people to connect and discuss.

Get in touch with us if there's anything you'd like to discuss!