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Bouvet at JavaZone 2016

Mark West 
16. sep. 2016
This year JavaZone celebrated it’s 15th year with with 3000 attendees and over 170 sessions. As one of Norway’s premier Java environments Bouvet was of course along for the celebration!

Bouvet Presentations

This year Bouvet contributed 6 sessions to JavaZone.  5 Lightning talks of 20 minutes each, plus a 45 minute long presentation about our prize nominated IoT Motivation Machine.  Below you will find links to all of these presentations.
Not ready to quit your day job? Hvordan lykkes med hobbyprosjekter?
In this 20 minute long Norwegian talk Christian Aamodt spoke about his experiences creating the Oslo i gamle dager iOS app, which has received recognition in Aftenposten.
MQTT and CoAP for the Java Developer
In this short talk (in English) I explain the basics behind the most common open standards for connecting things to the Internet of Things : MQTT, CoAP and HTTP.  Note that the video misses the first minute of the talk, but all the relevant information is still intact.
Testautomatisering: Hva, når, hvordan?
Test automation is a critical part of any Java Project.  In this 20 minute long talk Hege Hansbakk Huuse gives an introduction to the subject, along with some practical tips.  The talk is in Norwegian.
Erfaringer fra et kommersielt IoT Prosjekt hos Viasat
In this 45 minute talk, Nikhil André Luthra and Martin Gravråk talked about their prize nominated, IoT based solution for motivating call centre workers at Viasat.  This talk is in Norwegian.
Give your apps the X(II) factor!
In this English lightning talk Gareth Western gives a quick introduction to the 12 Factor methodology - a set of best practices covering 12 different aspects of application development that apply throughout an applications lifetime.
The Art of Processing
Ever wanted to create Art from code?  In this live coding session, Ragnar Aas demonstrates how one can utilise the Processing language and some Arduino Hardware to quickly create your own audio visual performance!  This talk is in English.
Videos of all JavaZone talks are now available from  There is a lot of great content to be found here, and it's all for free!

Bouvet as Partner

As a partner with javaBin (the Norwegian JUG and organisers behind JavaZone) Bouvet had a stand in the Expo area.  Here we were able to show off our IoT Motivation Machine, along with a couple of Raspberry Pi Retro games consoles we had put together.
[caption width="820" _document="__macroDocument7" id="attachment_6415" align="aligncenter"]retropie Raspberry Pi 3 Retro Games Console running "Sonic The Hedgehog"[/caption] [caption width="820" _document="__macroDocument8" id="attachment_6428" align="alignright"]2016-09-08-08-14-42 Bouvet's stand ready to go![/caption]  
In addition to receiving giveaways, visitors to our stand could enter a competition to win one of five Raspberry Pi games consoles just like the ones we displayed on our stand.

javaBin - The organisers of JavaZone

JavaZone is primarily organised by javaBin - The Norwegian JUG.  This consists of volunteers who contribute their time and energy to making JavaZone happen. This year three Bouvet employees (Gareth Western, Jan Erik Robertson and myself) were involved in various areas of JavaZone, including the program committee.  If you are interested in helping out with JavaZone 2017, take contact with javaBin to find out how you can contribute!