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Let´s transform the way we change

Jan Eivind Danielsen 
5. april 2016

In demanding times, radical transformation and change is a definite part of the storyline ahead for most companies.

Finding better ways to produce existing products and maybe even venture into new business opportunities becomes a survival skill for even the most conservative. Common for such transformation is the need for digital business platforms to change together with processes, people and skills.

Across companies, I see the need for more creative and multidisciplinary interaction between business developers, product managers, market/customer insight and technology experts. The solution space gets so much richer when business insights, company pains and opportunities meet the potential in new and existing technology. Start up ventures and some world class companies master this, but many others are looking around rather stressed out by the digital revolution and radical market changes.

Maybe its time for most companies to have a dedicated Chief Transformation Officer in charge of planned change to processes, technology, people and skills? The common idea is that the board of directors should play this role. But something important is often lost on the way down the different business lines/silos when change meets operations and have to function across silos.

Processes, technology, incentives, people and skills have to fit together across business lines to transform the company towards the vision. The operational level must find practical ways of executing the transformation and operating the new base line in an efficient manner. This cannot happen in silos and must be orchestrated across disciplines spanning from vision to operation.

The model shows some key deliveries across the different perspectives for a generic transformation program. The model is based on leading change management frameworks and shows some of the complexity and multi-diciplinarity in change and transformation.


I think a dedicated and multi-disciplinary company function in charge of continuous transformation and change could drive such a process. This function would ensure that change is an internal capability and not a ad-hoc project designed and executed by external suites from a business consultancy firm.

Dedicated internal professionals could ensure that change is orchestrated to meet the vision across processes, business areas, technology and people. A multidisciplinary team continously searching for better ways of performing in a market as vast and alive as the ocean.