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Agile Lean Leadership - Foundation

This Agile Lean Leadership Foundation course is for those who want a thorough introduction to the Agile Lean Leadership concept and pattern.

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The agenda for the day is

Target group

Ambitious managers/leaders at middle and top level, who want to capitalize on the benefits of Agile Lean Leadership.

The following principles and models are used

- Cynefin for complexity and sense-making
- Systems Thinking
- Design Thinking
- Beyond Budgeting
- Dual Leadership
- Lean thinking, Scrum and Kanban
- The Learning organization

Agile Lean context

- Reality check, the challenges and benefits
- The history of and trends in Agile Lean Leadership, contrast to neo-Taylorist management
- Complexity and Cynefin
- Intrinsic motivation and pride of workmanship

Agile Lean Leadership, a synthesis learned from

- Cynefin for complexity and sense-making
- Systems Thinking
- Beyond Budgeting
- Lean thinking, Scrum and Kanban
- The Learning organization

Agile Lean Leadership, a couple of special additions

- Dual Leadership
- Escalation and quick response
- Resilience and appropriate response to outlier events

Agile Lean Leadership, the 4 values and 16 principles

- Clarity of purpose​, a clear vision
- A clear line of sight to the customer, be clear on who you serve and why
- Leadership in complex domains, the organization as a complex organism. Binding people together with common goal and values, not rules and regulations
- Focus on sustainability and resilience, keep everything working over time and through changes
- Building psychological safety and leading for learning

Agile Lean Organization, characteristics and building blocks

- Challenges in the organization
- Creating trust, transparency and commitment
- Decentralized mandate and decision making, design of teams, circles and roles
- Disciplined reflection, learning and improvement
- A prototype ALL organization , periphery, center, teams, circles etc.

Agile Lean Change, making the change, some practical patterns to follow

- Making sense of the situation in the organization, the future backwards
- Involving the organization in designing the organizational architecture
- Dual Leadership in real life
- Further reading and learning, recommendations

Deep Questions and Answers

Some understanding of fundamental Agile and Scrum will be required, for example through a Certified Scrum Master or Product Owner course or our Agile Lean Leadership – Introduction.

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