Agile Lean Leadership - Practition

This Practition course builds on the Foundation or the Executive course and provides the participant with practical tools for implementing in the organization.

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The agenda for the day is

Agile Lean Context

The main difference in leadership in practice
- Highlighting the implications of the Neo-Taylorist approach versus ALL
- Describe in own words the differences and how to spot the status of the organization in practice.

Produce an ALL Canvas for the situation at hand, the proposal for action with the proper arguments alligened.


The specific challenges to leadership in the ever changing Agile Lean environment
- Concrete tools for the leader to use to make sense of his world

Using Cynefin to understand your disposition better
- Where can you contribute and be fulfilled?
- Does the complexity disposition of the Team fit the situation at hand

The case of the Leadership as a service, towards the outside world and towards staff members
- The ethical dilemma of exploitation of people, time, resources etc.
- The ethical dilemma of wicked problems

Conflict resolution, based on Snowden’s perspective

Impact estimation, how to prioritize initiatives, making the best estimate of value


Tools that are helpful in describing and agreeing on situations and solutions
- Organizational canvas and Relationship diagram
- Team and Circle manifest.
- Value generation follow up

Linking the external world into an Agile Lean Organization
- Customers, clients & beneficiaries
- Deliverables and Suppliers
- Governments, regulators and such

How to use the 4 values, the 16 principles and the patterns of practices effectively on areas not normally covered by Agile and Lean methodology
- Handling of crisis or opportunity, sudden drops into chaos
- Handling of managed innovation, shallow dives into chaos
- Handling conflict within or between Teams or individuals
- Handling employment and compensation the Agile Lean way

When we cannot have the perfect work conditions for Agile and Lean
- A mix between planned and event driven work
- Team Members are needed for other work than what happens in the Team

When we cannot have the perfect Team with all resources
- Dependencies to outside experts, internal to the organization or not
- Dependencies on other shared resources (test equipment for example)
- Immature or demotivated Team members


Change in behavior, driven by the tools to actually do it

Change in behavior, driven by submitting to accountability, this is a communal thing

Reinventing and -introducing purpose in the workplace, people need to want to contribute

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