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E2E200 E2E Change Control Management

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Kurskategori: SAP

Underkategori: Solution Manager

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Course version: 018

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In this course you will learn how change control management coordinates changes that are introduced into a software landscape so that the changes do not conflict with each other and how to make sure the changes are executed without disrupting ongoing business. This results in improved quality of the software landscape, higher availability of IT solutions, and lower total cost of ownership. Also important, change control management ensures that the changes introduced remain transparent, traceable and are made available for reporting and change analysis. Becoming adept at change control management requires skill in the efficient use of standardized methods and procedures. In this ‘how to use’ training, SAP imparts best-in-class knowledge of solution operations. The End-to-End Change Control Management course introduces participants to what change control management is and the standard tools used to accomplish it, tools provided by SAP Solution Manager.

This course will prepare you to:
Describe the concept and methods of E2E Change Control Management.
Leverage the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as application platform for E2E Change Control Management.

Change Managers: Responsible for documentation, approval and change processes
System Landscape Architects: Responsible for the design of the transport landscape topology
System Administrators: Responsible for executing transports
Development Managers: Responsible for performing development changes
Application Manager: Responsible for approving and performing changes in an application
Support Manager and members of the customer’s SAP competence center: Responsible for Reporting and Diagnostics capabilities
Partners and System Integrators

Fundamentals of SAP Software Change Management
Basic knowledge of SAP Solution Manager

ADM325 - Software Logistics for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite

Course based on software release
SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP05

Introduction to E2E Change Control Management
- Explain the scope of End-to-End Change Control Management
- Explain the role of SAP Solution Manager to manage changes in your solution landscape

Enhanced Change and Transport System
- Explain how the Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) works
- Understand the basic concepts of Enterprise Portal and how it is supported by CTS+
- Describe the best practices for the setup and usage of CTS+ in different scenarios

Configuration Validation
- Understand the concepts and architecture of E2E Change Diagnostics
- Find current configuration information with the Change Reporting tool
- Find recent changes in the solution landscape with the E2E Change Analysis tool
- Compare multiple systems with the Configuration Validation tool
- Create targets, use operators and run validation reports
- Know how to use predefined reports in the report directory

Transport and Execution Analysis Service and Transport and Execution Analysis Service for Projects
- Know how to run and use this self-check services within SAP Solution Manager
- Understand how to interpret the software change management KPI´s that are collected for your landscape

Software Change Strategy
- Understand the limitations of a three-system landscape
- Understand the benefits of bundling changes in cycles and synchronized releases

Transport Management with SAP Solution Manager
- Understand the change control landscape concept for transport management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
- Understand the usage of critical objects, cross system object locking and downgrade protection
- Know how to use retrofit in a dual landscape
- Understand the features of cCTS, which can be used for Quality Gate Management and Change Request Management parallel to CTS.

Quality Gate Management
- Explain the concept of Solution Transports and Track Synchronization
- Setup and use Quality Gate Scenario as a central Transport Management Tool
- Create and release transport requests centrally in SAP Solution Manager for ABAP and Non-ABAP environments
- Know how to work within the Quality Gate Scenario

Change Request Management
- Understand the different use cases for Change Request Management
- Describe the various elements of Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager
- Understand SAP’s best practices for transport management which are implemented in Change Request Management
- Know how to work with Change Request Management

Release Management
- Learn how to manage Release Management with SAP Solution Manager
- Understand how to manage the successful deployment of all related changes into the productive environment.

Courseware available as flipbook in Learning Hub
This course shows how the SAP Solution Manager can be leveraged as an application management platform for E2E Change Control

Kursdatoer er ikke helt avklart ennå, men kontakt [email protected] for påmelding!

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