From Weeks to Hours: Bridging the Gap between Business and IT

Varighet: 1 dag (09:00-16:00)

Pris: 8900

Kurskategori: Prosessledelse

•   Are you tired of lengthy meetings that fail to capture the essence of your project?

•   Do you find it challenging to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your workflows?

•   Have you experienced difficulties in the communication between technical and non-technical team members?

•   Would you like to avoid the costly and time-consuming process of reimplementing functions?

•   Are you looking for a collaborative and visual approach to streamline your product planning and development?

Join us for an interactive and insightful series of workshops within our EventStorming course!

Whether you're a manager, product owner, business analyst, QA professional, domain expert, or someone involved in driving business success, EventStorming offers a powerful solution to tackle these challenges. Our confidence in this approach is backed by its proven success in our companies.

By the end of the training, you will acquire insights and tools on how to understand complex business domains, accelerate the software development process, improve the communication in your team, reduce the costs associated with poor strategic decisions, and recognize critical business needs more quickly, thereby increasing the overall chances of achieving your product goals in hours instead of weeks!

Audience:  All engaged in Software Development, Product Management, Leadership Roles, Quality Assurance, and Business Strategy

Duration: 1 day
Format: 50% workshop / 50% lecture

Training program

1. Problem: a gap between Business and IT. Ways to solve it.

a. Why we should be aware of Domain-Driven Design
b. How Domain-Driven Design bridges the gap
c. How Strategic Domain-Driven Design contributes to productivity and reduces

2. Saving weeks and coming to strategic decisions in just a few hours

a. What is EventStorming and why use it?
b. Preparation for an EventStorming workshop
c. Running a Big Picture EventStorming workshop
d. Influencing the software design by Process
e. Identifying the development strategy


Vadzim Prudnikau is a senior Java Developer, Team Lead, and Architect with 17 years experience (4 years in Norwegian market) who believes that technical skills, self-education, being a good team player, and knowledge sharing are the keys to success.

Completed 10+ projects which work in production, led 5 development teams, mentored 20+ developers, interviewed over 100 developers for 10+ positions, created a Java department. An Expert in Java and has also experience with Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript programming languages.

Marek Dominiak is a software developer and architect with 15 years of experience (10 years in Norwegian market) mainly in Java World. Has experience in mentoring developers and with leading teams. His main focus is on creating sustainable solutions, learning about software craftsmanship, domain-driven design, and code quality.

During his career, Marek has completed many smaller and bigger projects that work in production, interviewed developers, handled communication with customers, helped to design architecture for whole systems and delivered them, and introduced many technologies proven in production. Occasionally Marek is a speaker at conferences related to software development (JDD conference, Warszawskie Dni Informatyki).

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